Understanding BMX Bikes

viper_thumbnailBMX bikes are very popular among children. Which means parents are searching for high quality BMX bikes on a regular basis. If you’re in this group looking for one, this blog is for you. Let’s discuss the types of BMX bikes.

BMX bike: The first “true” BMX bikes were created in the late sixties. They were basically created for berms in the mud or dirt and also for racing over jumps. But soon, all the kids took notice and started riding them. Even if your kid isn’t a racer,he/she can still enjoy the lightweight, dirt-worthiness, and speed of a true BMX bike. You can often find kids who ride a true BMX bike to school.

Freestyle BMX: They came onto the scene soon after the introduction of BMX bikes. These were not meant for racing, but for performing tricks on flat ground. For example, this bike is perfect for aggressive street riding and for riding in a skate park. But, this doesn’t mean your kid can’t take it to school or the nearby store. They are very sturdy and weight a bit more than the true BMX bikes. But, their durability makes them a favorite among parents.

Dirt jumper: As their name suggests, these bikes are created to ride over dirt mounds. They actually build a bridge between the true BMX and freestyle BMX bikes. They are stronger than a true BMX bike and lighter than a freestyle BMX bike.

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All About Golden Bike Fixed Gear

strikerfinal_thumbnailGolden bikes with fixed gears have fewer components with a simple infrastructure. Even the price is affordable, since a fixed gear is far less expensive when compared to other bikes. Golden bikes with fixed gears can hit all the necessary riding aspects you’re looking for and allow you to ride in style. These bikes are built for high performance and include a standard fixie look, a platform pedal, a road bike frame, skinny tires, and a riser handlebar.

There are about 21 different color combinations when selecting a golden bike. Choose the one you love, for example, from black to neon.

The fork and frame are designed utilizing high-tensile steel, which is TIG-welded to provide a seamless and smooth look. With horizontal dropouts, it has aggressive styling to provide a more consistent ride. Weight is reasonable at around 25 pounds.

The saddle in these bikes is styled like an aggressive racing bike. The seat encourages a lean forward to the riser-style handlebars, which provides a comfortable setup.

Golden bikes are a favorite among many bike enthusiasts. If you want to buy one for yourself, check online. Various sites have golden bikes for sale. Find the one you desire at an affordable price.


Benefits Of Using Electric Scooters Over Fuel Ones!!

Owning an electric scooter is an amazing thing, as it provides various types of benefits over conventional fuel scooters. Let’s check out some of them:

m-i-max-t3-wt_thumbnailBecause electric scooters works on batteries there is no burning of fuels and a few hours charging can get you hours of ride time. Also, there is no noise when you are riding on an electric scooter making for a very peaceful and comfortable ride. With fuel scooters you will experience all sorts of combustion noises, which can be irritating.

Electric scooters are very much environmentally friendly and as they run on electricity, there will be no pollution due to the combustion of the engine. The harmful gases which can affect nature and your surroundings will not be there with electric scooters, thus they are even fit for indoor use too.

One more thing that makes electric scooters more preferable is the fact that their maintenance is very easy compared to the fuel scooters. Never visit a gas station again. The price of these scooters are also less expensive, making them affordable for everyone.

Cheap electric scooters for sale are not difficult to find. You can search online and various options will appear from where you can buy good quality electric scooters.

So, what are you waiting for, checkout the cheap electric scooters for sale for either yourself or as a great gift to a loved one.

Electric Folding Bikes

The market for electric bikes is booming right now and it is easy to see why. If you are not familiar with the hype circulating around electric bikes, I suggest you visit an online bike website and check out some of the reviews. It is a fun and exciting way to ride that is cost efficient, a great form of transportation, and overall, still an incredible form of exercise. Most of these electric bikes give the rider the luxury to choose between fully electric or just an assisted pedaling mode. A lot of these bikes also come with the added ability to fold up into a very convenient size, making it easy to pick the bike up and bring it into the office, car, or house.


If you are considering buying electric folding bikes, the proper amount of research should take place. Aside from the price meeting your budget, there are a few other factors to consider. Aspects such as style, battery life, motor strength, size, and tires. These components among a few others make up your bike. Not to worry though, with increased popularity came increased research and reviews on electric bikes. For this reason, it is not hard to find the electric folding bike that fits your exact specifications.

Some reputable brands to consider are:

  • Raleigh Stow E Way
  • Ansmann Folding
  • Whoosh Gallego
  • A2B Kuo
  • FreeGo Folding

Whichever direction you go, just be sure to be diligent in your research and don’t be scared to pick up the phone and call a professional!

Brand New Conway BikeBoard

The Conway BikeBoard is a brand new concept that takes the best part of the bike including braking, steering, and stability and attached it to the best best part of skateboarding. What you are left with is an stable longboard-style carving machine.  The Bikeboard can be used to shred the park, bomb the hills, carve the boardwalk or to get to class fast.  But there is more, if you want to have a little change you can detach the bike and attach standard front trucks and use it as a pure skateboard.

What is also amazing about this  product is how easy it is to learn to use it for children from 4’8″  to adults. There is no training or experience needed and because of its stability most people can get on and start riding with comfort and ease immediately. Having a brake also gives the added confidence of amazing stopping power giving the rider the ability to do more exciting things with it. This can be used for short distance transportation or at skateparks for tricks and more! With its modular design you can take the “bike” off, put on your own trucks and use it as a regular skateboard or if you have your favorite stylish longboard you can attach it to the “bike” to bring added style to your ride. The sky is the limit with the options you have. Learn more below viewing the small video clip.

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Conway Bikeboard


Grab The Chance And Buy Kids Bikes For Sale


Through these years kid’s bikes have always been popular amongst children of all age groups. Many of them usually demand bikes from their parents and on the other hand parents are now giving much concern to their children’s needs as they’re realizing that they can purchase affordable bicycles that also help their child’s physical and mental development. Kids enjoy the bike rides and the development takes place in a fun manner without them even knowing it. Once you are planning to buy a bike for your little ones, make sure you concentrate on the child’s requirements as well as his preferences. There are usually two options you have plan on buying bikes; either you choose it online or through a local bike store.

When you visit an online store you get to see a huge variety of bikes with different sizes, designs, patterns in comparison to the local bike stores. There are many online stores that offer kids bikes for sale usually with larger variety than you will see at any single store. While you check out the collection make sure you go through the specifications like does it have adjustable seats and hand bars, footrests, baskets?

Well there are many bikes like BMX bikes for kids, road bikes, mountain bikes, specialty bikes and cruiser bikes, and so on. When it comes to children bikes you get a variety of them to a great extent with different sizes and designs. Looking for the safety of kids, many stores offer safety guards for knees and elbows. These accessories also include the main safety aid that is the helmet. Coming onto the other part, these bikes are light in weight which helps the kids to ride them comfortably. Some children prefer baskets at the front side of the bikes and some don’t. There are both the options available. There are designer bikes that are colorful and attractive for both boys and girls. The kid’s bikes for sale at many online stores are available at affordable prices. Check out the collection now and surprise your kids with one of their all time favorite gifts.