Understanding Bicycle and Its Market Trends

After the invention of the spoked wheel, the bicycle was the first method of transportation created. Many modifications followed, ultimately leading to the modern bike. The bike held most of the market among the general public up until the invention of cars and motorbikes. Due to these other modes of transportation bicycles began to lose their charm as well as a lot of their business.

Bikes were on the verge of extinction considering their market was now limited to only those that could not afford motorized vehicles and professional cyclists. The sales of explorer and city bikes were a rare occurrence. This down period lasted three decades up until the start of the 21st century.

The 2000’s showed a rebirth in the bicycle market. With the UNO’s reports about global warming along with potential results of over dependence on fossil fuels, bicycle manufacturers were encouraged to come back into business. This was the beginning of what would become an upsurge in years to come.

This new demand for bicycles sparked up innovation. Manufacturers began to redefine their everyday bikes with attributes such as gears, monochrome fiber, and aerodynamic technology, which were previously used only on professional cycles. Due to both marketing and the environment friendly nature of biking, its demand began to rise in all levels of society.

Countries such as Japan got on board with the environmental friendliness of biking and in turn shifted to using bicycles more so than ever. Furthermore, the World Health Organization began reporting about increasing obesity and pollution in North America which acted as a catalyst for bike sales in the U.S.

City Bikes for Sale
City Bikes for Sale

As bikes began to get more and more popular and demand continued to rise, the innovation followed suit. Hybrid bikes that ran on both human power and battery were introduced. The introduction of smart bikes came about, giving riders feedback regarding health and progress. All of this catapulted bikes to higher levels of revenue and pioneered the thought of selling bikes online.

The biking industry continues to pride itself in innovation and has since created countless additions to go along with the lifestyle. All in all, the biking market is still growing and shows no signs of slowing down.