All About Golden Bike Fixed Gear

strikerfinal_thumbnailGolden bikes with fixed gears have fewer components with a simple infrastructure. Even the price is affordable, since a fixed gear is far less expensive when compared to other bikes. Golden bikes with fixed gears can hit all the necessary riding aspects you’re looking for and allow you to ride in style. These bikes are built for high performance and include a standard fixie look, a platform pedal, a road bike frame, skinny tires, and a riser handlebar.

There are about 21 different color combinations when selecting a golden bike. Choose the one you love, for example, from black to neon.

The fork and frame are designed utilizing high-tensile steel, which is TIG-welded to provide a seamless and smooth look. With horizontal dropouts, it has aggressive styling to provide a more consistent ride. Weight is reasonable at around 25 pounds.

The saddle in these bikes is styled like an aggressive racing bike. The seat encourages a lean forward to the riser-style handlebars, which provides a comfortable setup.

Golden bikes are a favorite among many bike enthusiasts. If you want to buy one for yourself, check online. Various sites have golden bikes for sale. Find the one you desire at an affordable price.