Electric Bikes are Shaping The Future of Fitness

Cycling has become a preference of many urban dwellers. Cycle-share programs, bike commuting, and the expansion of bike lanes and trails has become one of the topmost agendas of big cities. With the change in the attitude towards cyclists, bikes are alsoepikseblue1_thumbnail changing. Electric bikes, often known as e-bikes, are now at the top of the industry and creating a positive impression among riders. An e-bike looks like a regular two-wheeled bike but supports a built-in electric motor for power. To start the engine, you can thumb the throttle or kick the pedals.

So, now that the bike is doing all the work, you may ask, “Where’s the exercise?” Well, the trick is, you must change your electric bike into a fitness tool!Push yourself to cycle as much as possible. When you feel wiped out or get to that steep hill, turn on the power to help get you where you need to go.

The combo of cycling and cruising that electric bikes offer can help you save effort (also sweat). In this way, you can easily burn calories and handle your ride by preventing it from turning into a harder, full-blown workout. E-bikes can also help you with steep inclines and complete your route faster. These bikes are heavier compared to standard bikes. Your output between pedaling and steering can turn into a great workout. Additionally, e-bikes are very controllable and stable. Acceleration via the throttle allows you to navigate small turns easily.

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Ride a Green Bike Electric Bicycle to Help Keep You Healthy

Riding a bike is not just limited to exploring new paths, areas, or places, but also about maintaining good health. Here, we shed light on certain benefits that can influence your health and lifestyle by riding an electric bike. Yes, that’s right, an electric bike!


  • An electric bike can help push you to be more active and achieve your fitness goals. For example, an electric bike gives you the option to pedal manually when you want and, if you get tired, you can switch to the electric motor. Over time you’ll find that you’ll pedal more and more.
  • Improve coordination, keep your mind sharp, and lead a more focused life.
  • Electric bikes are easy to drive and ride. If it’s been some time since you were last on a bike, you easily pick up the skills necessary and stay focused on your goals.
  • You’ll find yourself spending more time outside. This can help you fight against respiratory diseases and stay healthy.



  • Take longer and more adventurous trips! You’re not required to pedal the whole way, so why not go a little further?
  • Explore your city’s beautiful surroundings from your bike. You’ll find that being on a bike gives you a better sense of your community and will help you find new places to explore.
  • Perform your daily tasks like visiting the grocery store, picking up packages, or grabbing lunch.

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Beach Cruiser Bikes for Women

We girls love to ride bikes and now there are no limitations, as we can ride BMX bikes, normal road bikes, mountain bikes, beach cruiser bikes, and many more. Girls riding cool bikes always attract a crowd and such bikes also appeal to the people who love adventure and fun. Yes, it’s true that we all don’t want to take part in racing, but the type of bike we ride makes a difference. I bought a women’s beach cruiser for myself and this bike uplifted my bike riding experience in a way that no other bike could do.


Beach cruiser bikes are simply perfect for enjoying a casual bike riding experience on a shaded area or on a sunny beach. It’s also perfect to help pick up some groceries from the supermarket. For women, beach cruiser bikes are just perfect, as they not only make the ride comfortable, but also let you cruise around in the city in style. After all, getting all the attention is what girls want.These bikes are designed for pleasure and you can easily find one which complements your style and personality. No matter what your preference is, you can always ride the beach cruiser, which satisfies all your bike riding choices and needs.

Here, we’re going to talk about the differences between men’s and women’s beach cruiser bikes. We’re not trying to fuel the age old battle between the sexes, but we are just discussing some of the basic differences between the bikes. This way, you’ll be able to buy the most suitable one for bike riding. So what are the main differences?These factors are basic, like size and design.


Both men’s cruiser bikes and female cruiser bikes available at Bikes Xpress have a 300 lb max weight. They come with 26-inch wheels and a handlebar between 25.5 inches to 28.5 inches (pretty wide). Beach cruiser bikes for women are created with wide handlebars, so they can suit any height, and thus most of the cruiser bikes are designed with beginning fit for 5 ft, 4 inch tall women and some are for 5 ft 7 inch tall women. The maximum beginning fit for women is about 6 ft or less.


The appearance of the beach cruiser bikes for the women and men are very different. Men’s beach cruiser bikes have masculine exteriors and they come in matte, basic, or chrome colors. Women’s beach cruiser bikes have a slender look, feminine touch, and the colors are soft and bright.

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Understanding BMX Bikes

viper_thumbnailBMX bikes are very popular among children. Which means parents are searching for high quality BMX bikes on a regular basis. If you’re in this group looking for one, this blog is for you. Let’s discuss the types of BMX bikes.

BMX bike: The first “true” BMX bikes were created in the late sixties. They were basically created for berms in the mud or dirt and also for racing over jumps. But soon, all the kids took notice and started riding them. Even if your kid isn’t a racer,he/she can still enjoy the lightweight, dirt-worthiness, and speed of a true BMX bike. You can often find kids who ride a true BMX bike to school.

Freestyle BMX: They came onto the scene soon after the introduction of BMX bikes. These were not meant for racing, but for performing tricks on flat ground. For example, this bike is perfect for aggressive street riding and for riding in a skate park. But, this doesn’t mean your kid can’t take it to school or the nearby store. They are very sturdy and weight a bit more than the true BMX bikes. But, their durability makes them a favorite among parents.

Dirt jumper: As their name suggests, these bikes are created to ride over dirt mounds. They actually build a bridge between the true BMX and freestyle BMX bikes. They are stronger than a true BMX bike and lighter than a freestyle BMX bike.

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Thinking About Buying a New Bike?

lt1603-1-jv_thumbnailGet confused when you have to select from various bikes available in stores? We get it. It’s sometimes baffling when you have to select a bike. Every kid and teen wants to have their own bike. Today, we’re going to talk about things you should consider before purchasing a new bike.

Comfort should be your first priority. Thus, always make sure the bike you’re going to purchase is lightweight and easy to handle. Both the material and design are equally important, so it’s better to go for a low step-through frame, especially when the purchase is for a child. These frames help you the rider maintain balance, especially when riding in hilly areas.

Height is also an important factor to consider when purchasing a new bike. Make sure that your bike has big tires too; this will help you maintain balance and keep you excited while riding. A bike ride that keeps you safe and gives you the pleasure of a memorable riding experience is all that you need.

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Why BMX Bikes are The Perfect Trick Bikes

Aaron Ross BMX bikes are known for off-road cycling, tricks, and racing. The name BMX stands for “Bicycle Motocross” and you can find them in various types, colors, and designs. Each BMX bike is different from the other one and they serve different purposes too, like stunts, off-road racing, street racing, and much more. The materials used in designing BMX bikes are different, but there are little variations in design.


BMX is a well-known sport and kids just love it. The reason behind their popularity is that the bikes are small in size and perfect for standard mountain biking, road biking, and touring. BMX bikes look cool and their amazing style and design attracts all of the people on the road. Riding bikes which are meant for racing is every kid’s dream and this feeling of thunder is what they want while riding a bike.

The very first BMX bike was designed in Southern California between 1960 and 1970. By the mid of the 70s, the BMX bike first came into the market, like the Schwinn Stingray. The BMX bikes were originally meant for the motocross racing, but with time they became a trend and now everyone who loves adventure and fun while being on the road, always preferred to have an Aaron Ross BMX Bike.

The BMX bikes are very popular amongst the kids and youngsters now and they just want the most stylish of them. Now, the people have widened their bike stunt vision and unafraid to experiment with bike riding.

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Why Ride a BMX Bike?

jetfighter1_thumbnailAre you looking for a new fun activity that can make you fit without a vigorous workout? A freestyle BMX bike is an excellent option. BMX, known as bicycle motocross, is an amazing bike and adventurous sport. You can perform freestyle stunts and improve your fitness without a ton of hard work. Below are the benefits of riding a freestyle BMX bike:

Increase strength: While riding a BMX bike, you do a full body workout. Pedalling improves the movement and shape of your leg muscles. Lifting and spinning the handlebars builds muscles in your arms.

Cardiovascular fitness: Like any other type of cycling, riding a BMX bike helps condition your cardiovascular muscles. This means you’re using oxygen in your body in a more efficient way and day-to-day activities become easier to tackle. With improved cardiovascular health, you gain more health benefits like lower blood pressure, better heart rate, and balanced cholesterol. Your risk of heart disease lowers dramatically.

Fun: A BMX bike provides a riding experience unlike any other bike. There are no rules for the sport and you have the freedom to do anything creative with your bike. For example, you can develop tricks and enjoy the thrill of showing off your skills. Studies reveal that you become more active and stick to your fitness plan if you have fun while doing the activity.

Community: BMX bike riding is a very popular sport. When you start riding, you become part of a global community and make friends with similar interests. You can collaborate, improve skills, innovate, and compete. It’s an incredible experience!

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