Brand New Conway BikeBoard

The Conway BikeBoard is a brand new concept that takes the best part of the bike including braking, steering, and stability and attached it to the best best part of skateboarding. What you are left with is an stable longboard-style carving machine.  The Bikeboard can be used to shred the park, bomb the hills, carve the boardwalk or to get to class fast.  But there is more, if you want to have a little change you can detach the bike and attach standard front trucks and use it as a pure skateboard.

What is also amazing about this  product is how easy it is to learn to use it for children from 4’8″  to adults. There is no training or experience needed and because of its stability most people can get on and start riding with comfort and ease immediately. Having a brake also gives the added confidence of amazing stopping power giving the rider the ability to do more exciting things with it. This can be used for short distance transportation or at skateparks for tricks and more! With its modular design you can take the “bike” off, put on your own trucks and use it as a regular skateboard or if you have your favorite stylish longboard you can attach it to the “bike” to bring added style to your ride. The sky is the limit with the options you have. Learn more below viewing the small video clip.

For this brand new product there is an extra coupon code sale conway20 to save an extra $20 off the low retail price. Add comments or contact us for more information or click here to learn more.
Conway Bikeboard



Essentials for Electric Mountain Bikes That One Should Know

There are multiple styles of bikes that each cater to different styles of biking. These consist of commuter bikes, city bikes, cyclocross, comfort, and hybrid bikes. Some of these bikes have gears that are built for higher speeds while others are built simply for commuting. Electric mountain bikes have a stylish design with energy efficient power backups. These bikes are cost efficient and have fitness mantra. They are fully electric, rechargeable, and have an amazing look to them.

Mountain bikes differ from other bikes in the way they are built and constructed. The more notable differences are the insertion of suspension on the frames and fork, the brakes, and durable wheels. Many online stores have electric mountain bikes for sale. Their design is simple but unique.

electric mountain bike

These bikes are generally made up of three different types of metals: aluminum, steel, and titanium. People that generally have years of biking experience tend to gravitate towards these electric mountain bikes. Commuter bikes on the other hand are great for any level of experience can be used anywhere.

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