Thinking About Buying a New Bike?

lt1603-1-jv_thumbnailGet confused when you have to select from various bikes available in stores? We get it. It’s sometimes baffling when you have to select a bike. Every kid and teen wants to have their own bike. Today, we’re going to talk about things you should consider before purchasing a new bike.

Comfort should be your first priority. Thus, always make sure the bike you’re going to purchase is lightweight and easy to handle. Both the material and design are equally important, so it’s better to go for a low step-through frame, especially when the purchase is for a child. These frames help you the rider maintain balance, especially when riding in hilly areas.

Height is also an important factor to consider when purchasing a new bike. Make sure that your bike has big tires too; this will help you maintain balance and keep you excited while riding. A bike ride that keeps you safe and gives you the pleasure of a memorable riding experience is all that you need.

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Author: Bikes Xpress is a family owned business recently under new ownership and management in 2015 located in Broward County, Florida. Our mission has been to serve the recreational and urban cycle lifestyle enthusiasts. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products with unsurpassed customer service. We are dedicated to giving our customers the best online shopping experience possible. Our merchandise includes the most cutting edge products as well a continually expanding bicycle including electric bikes, skateboards, scooters, bicycle accessories and much more. Our goal is to educate our customers about everything related to the recreational and urban cycling lifestyle from how to train your children to ride a bicycle to how to maintain your bicycle and much more! Most importantly, as owners who also include a licensed physician, we hope to educate our customers on all of the health benefits of cycling with the goal of increasing longevity.

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